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Big Tit Redemption

Britney was waiting on some files that John was bringing to the office. He was about an hour late and Britney was very upset.

big tits at work 1

She caught him staring at her tits for the millionth time and she was fed up with it and stuck his face in her huge tits.

big tits at work 2

She had a feeling he had just the right equipment to get the job done right!

big tits at work 3

She pulled out his cock and was very impressed. She told him his big cock was the only good thing about him. She got on her knees and sucked that cock.

big tits at work 4

She spread out on her desk and got her sweet pussy munched on.

big tits at work 5

She got her pussy drilled as her enormous tits and ass bounced around. She got man milk all over her luscious ass.  Her talent for picking the right employee was once again affirmed!

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Talia Shepard

Talia Shepard and her nice tits look delicious in the outdoors surrounded by such vibrant colors.She likes the way her tits photograph to the side as you get to see her erect and hard nipples in action.


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Tiffany Tits

Tiffany has some nice small perky tits.Actually they arent very small and in fact are very nice and round that her boyfriend just cant keep his hands off of them.As he was driving he had the urge to get her nice titties in his hands and he pulled her shirt up to play with them.


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Pleasing the Boss

These two lucky sexy co-workers were greeted by their boss because they were doing such a great job at the company.Things started to get kinky because the boss was feeling very horny and fell in love with the two girls.She opened up and showed them how she really felt and the girls knew that they could move up in the company faster by pleasing their sexy blonde boss.


They took a look at her nicely shaved pussy and drove her over to the nearest company house.Once inside the two co-workers began making out and touching their boss all over.Her nice supple breasts and silky smooth body helped them realize that her pussy was soft and delicious as well.They sat her down and started to finger her pussy as she writhed in pleasure on their lap.


Sucking on her erect nipples made the boss even more hornier to the point where she was begging the ladies to fuck her good.Being the good employees that they are, they took out a thick strap on that they used to begin to penetrate her pussy.The other co-worker began to lick on her clit while the boss was getting pumped in the pussy.


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Alia beach tits

Alia has some nice huge tits that we love to look at.This beach bunny doesn’t hide those big mamma’s and takes every chance she gets to put them in a bikini and let them loose.She took a boat trip on this particular day with her friend Johnny.This is one lucky guy because those tits are all natural and ready to bounce on a dick!


It didn’t take long for him to make his move on her.He laid her down sideways and stuck his dick inside of her pussy.While he massaged her big tits with his hands he pounded her pussy.Those tittys were bouncing all over the place and looking great!


he had never cummed on some nice big tits before so he pulled out his dick and she jacked him off to spit out his love juice all over those mounds.She was sticky after that but was licking her fingers off.


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Fucking Grattitude

When a gorgeous woman is looking for her lost dog, you have to help and when that gorgeous woman is Diamon, a sexy brunette Cuban beauty, you tend to drop all your plans and do whatever is necessary. We met Diamond in the park as she was extremely upset. She had been walking her dog when the leash broke and he just ran off!


She had already looked all around the neighborhood when we found her so we suggested that she hop in the truck so that we could cover more ground! And, as she got into the truck her dress got caught on the belt and we got a great shot of her sexy little ass and tiny g-string she had on! Ok, so we’re a little sick for checking her out when she’s upset, but come on, she’s hot!


Once we started driving her cell phone rang and it was her boyfriend at home telling her that the dog had just run through the front door! She was soo happy and she told him that she’d be home in a few hours as there had been some nice people helping her look and she wanted to thank them properly.


She immediately asked to go back to myplace where the thanking was to begin! She told me that she’d caught me checking out her ass and tits and that I was soo cool for helping her look that she was happy to give me a piece. As soon as we walked in my house she pushed me back on the sofa and started to do a sexy strip tease! HEr ass was even hotter than I’d thought and her tits were amazing!


She could see my cock getting harder and harder so she didn’t waste any time getting my pants off! The second she saw my big hard cock her eyes lit up and her mouth dropped open! She tried as hard as she could to swallow my entire cock, but she just couldn’t get it all! But, staring down at her dark sexy eyes as she sucked my cock and her big beautiful tits made me want to pump her mouth full of cum right there, but I knew I had to get some of that pussy!


Just when I thought I could handle it anymore I pushed her over and ripped off her panties exposing her nice wet pink pussy just waiting to be fucked! I slid my cock into her filling every inch with my big hard cock! I could feel her pussy tightening as she came with every deep thrust!


Between her hot blowjob and tight pussy it wasn’t long before I was ready to blow so I sat her up and stuffed my cock back into her mouth right as I started to pump a monster load of hot cum right into her mouth! With her little mouth full of cock and cum she couldn’t take it all and she almost gagged as she let my cum dribble out across her face! All I can say Diamond is…. Thank you and You’re Welcome!

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Quick Fuck for Cash

While waiting at the greyhound station for one of our buddies we met these two smoking hot babes with one big problem. One of them lost all her bags and is in desperate need of some cash to continue their trip to New York.


Lucky for them they met up with us, and after a little persuasion they agreed to come back to our place for the chance to make some cold hard cash.


As soon as we got them back to our place we started to flash some cash and told them all we wanted them to do was fuck around with eachother’s tits and pussy! As soon as they saw the cash they were pulling their clothes off showing off their sexy young tits!


They didn’t even wait to get inside and we weren’t complaining! They started to go down on eachother right there in the car in the drive-way of the house! Watching them fingering and licking their hot pussies we knew it was the perfect time to throw some more cash at them so we could fuck them!


They were definitely game for more cash and at this point they both wanted some cock so my boy fucked them right their on the hood of his car!Their pussies were nice and tight and shaved so he wasn’t complaining! As he was fucking one girl her friend straddled her face burying her mouth in her friend’s dripping wet pussy!


They even took turns getting fucked and sucked his cock in between getting a taste of his cock and their pussy! Let just say they made enough money to travel to New York and back while sipping champagne in first class.

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