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Pornstars that have massive natural boobs

Get the fuck out of here! These two Pornstars don’t have natural boobs, yes they do I can guarantee you that. The two hot babes listed below have never had work done to them anywhere on their body, they are not alone, there are hundreds of porn models that have never had work done to, of course they are a very small percentage, calculate that at least 85% of popular pornstars get a boob job and at least 20% of them have other cosmetic work done throughout their career, I can name one for example and that would be Phoenix Marie or even Latina porn model Ava Devine.

tits 1 pornstars
tits pornstars

In some cases the girls keep themselves so fit that it is basically impossible to figure out if they are natural or if they have any kind of cosmetic work done to their bodies or their face, but these two random pornstars, both in their 30s, have had absolutely nothing done to themselves and still they look absolutely incredible, and still they look a lot better than many off the other girls in the same business that have had lots of work done to them and they still look like fucking shit LOL!

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It’s actually pretty good to be back after such a long time

In all honesty right now I am not happy at all with our server administrators. May convince us roughly a month ago we needed to change server, we needed to move our network of blogs and incredibly reliable server that not only would give us protection against hackers but at the same time would provide incredible uptime and make the blogs even more faster on. We accepted and they moved, one thing that they forgot to do however was a professional backup of all data and therefore close to six months of blog posts and were looking at roughly 12 articles were completely lost, most of those articles pointed to Live Porn videos networks, where we examined in full each and every one of those websites and then we talked about them, the ones that actually were worth talking about.

pornstars live

However, I have dozens of those links in an email that I am storing and using as a file, therefore many of those Live Porn Shows websites that we bragged about and we reviewed in a very positive way, are still available therefore that’s what we will be doing in the next weeks to come, we will be restoring everything with new blog posts but sharing with you once again and very successful websites that you all read about with all the updates if there are any to provide.

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Live porn with hot pornstars and all in HDTV

I would like to apologize for everybody that has noticed that some of the most recent blog posts have been deleted, there is a very simple reason, and please don’t take us for stupid people LOL, we transferred on blogs to a brand-new hosting company and before we did so we forgot to create a backup for all our recent blog posts, when we got to a new server and published all blogs we noticed that two months of our data was lost and therefore the past two months of blog posts were all gone. In one of those blog posts we’ve talked about Live Porn and therefore I thought it was a good idea to come back and mentioned those websites that belong to the same network once again.

live pornstars fucking

Something that we never mentioned the first time, was that they also have a third website on that network and it is free for all members, and therefore if you have a membership with the website mentioned above you get this other website that offers Pornstars Masturbating absolutely for free. Along with this website right here you get another 12 also at no cost to you, so consideration in signing up taking free membership and seeing what it’s all about and if you do like it then take the full membership for less than a dollar a day.

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Why is it that Live Porn is so popular these days?

Good morning you all, it is 10.34 in the morning here in New York City, it is already hot here in the Big Apple and on my 34th floor office window I can see the smog and the filthy Hudson River, unfortunately I don’t have a window on the other side that shows Manhattan and Central Park, my boss does the lucky bastard LOL.
Now can somebody explain to me what the fuck has that got to do with Live Porn? Absolutely nothing, however it is an icebreaker, now I haven’t even told you where I work, next I’ll be giving out my phone number and full address LOL. To be honest I can do that right now if you are a hot chick, especially if you are Holly West, the gorgeous 35-year-old pornstar, that will be performing live on Cherrypimps.com tomorrow Friday at 5 PM Eastern, no actually that would be 5 PM Pacific and that would be then obviously 8 PM Eastern.
Okay, I’m not drunk, I’m just thinking out loud LOL. I hope everybody has been doing okay since I have been quite absent in these past weeks on this blog, but I’m back here today with an update and I really want to share some really good news with you all.

wildoncam_holly_west_live cam porn

If you don’t get to see the Live Fucking on Wildoncam.com during weekdays because you’re busy, and you always have to go to the archives and check out the shows there, I have a surprise for you, it has been a few weeks now that they are randomly doing live porn videos also on a weekend, they are also doing it earlier in the day roughly around 12 noon Pacific, to give the opportunity of everybody that is in Australia and in Europe the chance to enjoy the shows at a reasonable hour.

After that great news I have some more news, and it would be absolutely great news if you are a webmaster: How about if I told you that they also have a Affiliate Program Paysite