Get the fuck out of here! These two Pornstars don’t have natural boobs, yes they do I can guarantee you that. The two hot babes listed below have never had work done to them anywhere on their body, they are not alone, there are hundreds of porn models that have never had work done to, of course they are a very small percentage, calculate that at least 85% of popular pornstars get a boob job and at least 20% of them have other cosmetic work done throughout their career, I can name one for example and that would be Phoenix Marie or even Latina porn model Ava Devine.

tits 1 pornstars
tits pornstars

In some cases the girls keep themselves so fit that it is basically impossible to figure out if they are natural or if they have any kind of cosmetic work done to their bodies or their face, but these two random pornstars, both in their 30s, have had absolutely nothing done to themselves and still they look absolutely incredible, and still they look a lot better than many off the other girls in the same business that have had lots of work done to them and they still look like fucking shit LOL!