In all honesty right now I am not happy at all with our server administrators. May convince us roughly a month ago we needed to change server, we needed to move our network of blogs and incredibly reliable server that not only would give us protection against hackers but at the same time would provide incredible uptime and make the blogs even more faster on. We accepted and they moved, one thing that they forgot to do however was a professional backup of all data and therefore close to six months of blog posts and were looking at roughly 12 articles were completely lost, most of those articles pointed to Live Porn videos networks, where we examined in full each and every one of those websites and then we talked about them, the ones that actually were worth talking about.

pornstars live

However, I have dozens of those links in an email that I am storing and using as a file, therefore many of those Live Porn Shows websites that we bragged about and we reviewed in a very positive way, are still available therefore that’s what we will be doing in the next weeks to come, we will be restoring everything with new blog posts but sharing with you once again and very successful websites that you all read about with all the updates if there are any to provide.