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Everyone is talking about cherrypimps.com and live porn

If you remember or if you simply just scroll back and look at a recent post that was about a month and a half ago I was talking about a live Porn website called cherry pimps and what it was now offering on the Internet and how it would most probably become the adult entertainment new trend. For once I will say that I was totally right, simply because once that I started talking about it others also did that are in my same business and therefore they are professional editors and writers for the adult industry, and by doing so the word spread drastically and now it seems that everybody is talking about this specific website that offers porn stars having sex live. I to be honest you all the way that this would have taken off immediately after that adult entertainment lovers and porn nerds would have checked it out LOL.

cherrypimps 7

As far as I can see and as far as I am reading on many different resources on the Internet the Live Pornstars shows trend has taken off drastically, so I actually did ask the administrators of the network that got all this together how things were going, and they replied that they have had a 750% increase in members and views over the past four weeks and are expecting another 500% within the next 14 days and therefore as a treat they have hired an extra 50 new porn stars to fuck on live WebCam along with the other already close to 1000 porn stars that are on this network’s payroll.

It’s not just us talking about it like I said, but it seems that even the big players in the adult industry are also creating articles about the new trend in porn, check out what they’re saying about Live Pornstars, cherrypimps on Xbiz.com.

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Bree Olson sun grazing in the nude

I just had a bit of a flashback to one of my favorite stars of all time, Bree Olson! I mean this girl was amazing! She is still one of the hottest girl next door type models to ever come out of middle America! Twistys may be one of the hottest sites online, but they got there by having stunners like Bree Olson!

Her body was amazing and I could go on about her tits for days! She was simply stunning in every way and you know how I can can go on and on about tits! The guys over at Twistys do a great job of taking awesome pics of tits, but Bree Olson is one of the super stars that just doesn’t take a bad picture!

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