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Bouncing Fun Bags

Think this big breasted bitch gets off when she’s getting drilled from behind and her tits are flopping every which way?

big titty bounce

That’s got to be a huge turn on for her!!!

It is for us!!!!!

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Sara’s Huge Knockers

Sara has some huge fucking knockers and loves to be titty fucked! Her funbags are sensitive as it is, and with a nice hard cock rubbing between her breasts it’s a little piece of heaven when her lover is getting off on her chest! Baby Got Boobs all right!!!

sara has huge knockers1

If seeing her massive melons tightly wrapped up in that pretty blue bra isn’t enough to get this cock jockey hard enough, a quick blow jog ought to do the trick!!!

Suck away Sara!

sara has huge knockers2

Now that our stud is nice and hard it’s time to fuck those titties! He puts his now fully rock hard pecker between her breasts and starts humping her!

sara has huge knockers3

This places his cock right he wants it to be – right below her face… Now all he has to do is drop his load where it belongs!!!! Right on her big boobies!

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Andie Valentino’s Rack

Andie Valentino has a nice rack – not too big, not too small, and the girls stand up on their own! No push up bra needed here!

Oh, we should mention we found Andie Valentino on the Aziani website. They seem to like big breasted chicks!

andie valentino nice rack2

She’s the type of girl you want to bang from behind just so you can watch her boobies flopping all around as you ram your cock into her!!!

andie valentino nice rack3 andie valentino nice rack4 andie valentino nice rack5 andie valentino nice rack6

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Lesbian Boob Play

These two chicks are on the Fspot website getting it on. We love breasts, but we love lesbians too. We love it when lesbians get on their knees ass to ass and slide a double sided dong into their pussys and fuck each other. “Why” you ask? Because when women get fucked while on their knees their beautiful melons sway back and forth and bounce all around!

It’s a beautiful site to see!

massive tit play

Every notice that when women get really turned on they play with their breasts? That’s because it’s a hot spot and a huge turn for them!

You ever want to turn your lover on… Start with her boobies. She’ll thank you later!!!

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Headlights Fucked!

Kristin has some big hooters and she’s well aware of it. She knows how to use them to her advantage, and loves to play with her fun bags to get the men in her life all hot and bothered!

What a beautiful set of titties she has too!

big breasted bitch gets fucked1

big breasted bitch gets fucked2 big breasted bitch gets fucked3

One of the best parts of sex for her is when she’s riding on top of a man or getting fucked from behind – it’s how her titties move. The wilder the fuck the more the titties bounce, and the more she gets off on it!

big breasted bitch gets fucked4

Kristin loves being pounded from behind and having her melons rub up against the bed, couch, or pillows – it’s just an extra added turn on for her!

big breasted bitch gets fucked5 big breasted bitch gets fucked6

Of course with a huge rack like hers she knows how it turns men on to cum on her boobs!

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Kate’s Nice Rack

Young Chicks can have decent sized racks too! Let’s not forget them!

kaitlyn perfect tits

Kaitlyn has a nice rack going on and no need for a push up bra! She’s not a big girl yet but we’d play with her fun bags all the same!

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The Push Up Bra

Who ever invented the push up bra should be awarded a medal or something – He’s our hero!!!!

It’s the push up bra that enables women like Liz with huge knockers to push those puppies out there and show off her cleavage!

liz massive knockers1

What a fine looking rack Liz has too!

liz massive knockers2

Take off that push up bra and what you have are some odd looking pancakes! Still worthy of a titty fuck, but in serious need of some support!

liz massive knockers3

We can help out if needed! We’d even be willing to follow her around from room to room, walking directly behind her, with our arms wrapped around her body and our hands holding up those massive knockers! Free of charge too!

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Lesbians Love Tits Too!

The lesbians over at Amateur House love tits too!!!

Of course, being as they have their own tits they know exactly what to do and where to touch / lick / kiss them. Looks like the nipple is the place to hit!

lebians love tits too1

It doesn’t really matter how big the tits are – small titties are fun to play with too!

lebians love tits too2

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Nice Titty View

Our friends at Prime Cups sent us this picture of two big breasted chicks playing with their breasts! We love shots from this angle!

best titty view

Makes their tits look fucking huge!!!

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Lori’s Doctor Visit

Lori is a big breasted MILFY blonde woman who needed to go in for her yearly breast exam!

Lori is the type of chick who is always up for anything, so she dressed up for the doctor’s visit hoping to bag herself a nice rich doctor today! She wore a pair of high heels, a tight and short black skirt (no panties), and a tight shirt that showed off her cleavage!

suzie big breasted whore doctors office1

Seems the doctor was called out of the office on a medical emergency, but Lori had already set her eyes on Bobby the nurse. Fresh out of college, Bobby thought he had seen it all but he surely didn’t see Lori cumming!

He told her to go into the exam room and take off her clothes and wait for the doctor. He said it half joking, not really expecting her to take off her clothes!

suzie big breasted whore doctors office2 suzie big breasted whore doctors office3

Lori had other things in mind so she stripped down naked and called for Bobby. When he came in she was laying down on the table, which blew Bobby away! Bobby might have been young – fresh out of college – but he wasn’t stupid and knew what was going on here. He started to play with her ass which turned both of them on!

suzie big breasted whore doctors office4 suzie big breasted whore doctors office5

When he stripped down he was hard as a rock. Big breasted Lori was stunned to see his cock was as large as it was!

suzie big breasted whore doctors office6

What Lori didn’t know is that Bobby was a boob guy and wanted to see her knockers hanging down while she was on her knees sucking on his cock!

suzie big breasted whore doctors office7

When Bobby was ready to drop his load she laid down on the table and he spit it out all over her breasts!

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